Pricing Table

Here you can see what we have to offer and what you'll pay for that

We offer hair extensions and Keratin on top of the other basic hair services. Please consult with one of our qualified Extension specialist or our Stylists and Technicians regarding Keratin treatments, a Formaldehyde free Keratin.

Receive up to 15% discount off products and services with Gold or Silver membership cards. Children under the age of 12 receive a 25% off services from Sunday to Wednesday only.

Our prices are subject to the length of hair, and prices noted below are starting prices. Our pricing structure reflects on the educational level of our stylists which is determined by their training and practical experience.


Art Director
Wet Cut SR 220
Re-style & Blowdry SR 450
Blowdry SR 220
Kids Cut SR 150
Fringe Trim SR 50
Senior Stylist
Wet Cut SR 170
Re-style & Blowdry SR 370
Blowdry SR 150
Thick/Long Hair Blowdry SR 180
Hair-up Styling SR 300
Fringe Trim SR 50
Blowdry SR 120
Hair-up Styling SR 250
Straightening Irons – Extra SR 60
Curls With Tongs or Irons – Extra SR 60
Bridal Hair & Make-up SR 2,500
Hair Treatments POA
Keratin Smoothing Treatment SR 1,800
Hair Extensions (100% Natural) POA
COLOUR & TREATMENTS Senior  Director
Highlights/Lowlights SR 550 SR 800
Half Head SR 300 SR 400
T-Section SR 250 SR 400
Colour Change SR 700 SR 800
Colour Pre-lighten SR 300 SR 400
INOA Full Head Tint SR 250 SR 350
Colour Glosser SR 250 SR 350
Mask Treatments SR 100 SR 100
Fashion Colour POA POA
BOTOX Treatment SR 1,800 SR 1,800
Toner & Rinssage SR 200 SR 200
Beauty & Spa
Hammam Massage     Facials    
Mud Relaxation Scurb
Herbal Lymphatic Cleansing
Cleopatra Swedish Deep Cleansing
Imperial Shiatsu Multi-Vitamin
Chocolate Cupping Herbal Mask
Strawberry  Nails Collagen Mask
Facial Treatment Make-up Caviar Mask
Dehydrated Skin Body Treatments Chemical Peel
Acne Hair Removal Salt Room